Multi-Epoch BVRI Photometry for All Targets in M31 and M33 - Change Log

Change Log

This is a list of changes to the web-based verison of the catalog served here. More recent changes are listed first.

DateUpdate / Change
2021 Nov 05 UTAdded phtometry in M31 from a date (JD 2459059 = 2020 July 28 UT) that was previously overlookded.
2021 July 30 UTAdded currated M31 photometry taken in June 2021
2021 July 04 UT
  • Finished curating all M33 photometry from images taken before March 2021.
  • Added most recently measured V_mag to each table
  • Make all tables sortable.
2020 Dec 28 UT
  • Added links to Gaia DR3 and CatWISE202 at VizieR.
  • Added validated photometry for M31 through 2020 December 28.
2020 June 27 UTAdded and validated photometry for M31 through 2020 June 25
2020 June 24 UT
  • The photometry through May 2020 for targets in M31 has been validated.
  • The photometry through February 2020 for targets in M33 has been added -and- validated.
2020 June 7 UT
  • The targets in M31 have been updated with the photometry from images taken through 2020 May 31.
  • The M31 photometry has all been updated to the new comparison stars.
2020 May 20 UTWe appologize for the delay posting the photometry for the 2019-2020 observing season. We are working to complete and post those results ASAP.
2020 May 20 UTStart page for the lists of comparison and check stars used to do the photometry for the survey.
2020 May 20 UTUpdated the publications page. Added links to the video from the 2018 SAS Symposium, slides from the 2019 SAS Symposium, and the paper for the upcoming 2020 SAS Symposium.
2019 May 24 UTAll the photometry derived from images taken in 2018 has been added to the archive and currated.
2019 May 24 UTChange sensitivity on variability detection. Now checks if correlation between bands is > 60% and bands must have at least five (5) observations to be considered. Band pairs considered are BV, VR, BR, and VI. If two or more significant then "very likely" variable. If only one siginifcant then "likely" variable.
2019 May 22 UTAdded variability statistics following the method of Welch & Stetson (1993) to each entry.
2019 Jan 05 UTUpdate entry for AF And with data from 2018-19 observing season
2019 Jan 04 UTUpdate entry for M31-004526.62 with data from 2018-19 observing season
2019 Jan 01 UTUpdate stars classified LBV, Candidate LBV, and WHG in M33 with data from 2018-19 obseving season.
Update M33-013400.22 with data from 2018-19 observing season.
2018 Oct 07 UTAdded bright IR targets in M33 from Khan et al. 2012 to the list. *NOTE* These targets are included bu not yet fully currated!
2018 June 22 UTStart change log web page. Add link in left hand menu bar.
2018 June 20 UTAdd M33-013400.22 to the catalog as a candidate LBV.
2018 June 10 UTAdd all M31 and M33 photometry from 2017-18 observing season.
2018 June 10 UTUpdate publications page with paper for Society for Astronomical Science Small Telescope Science Symposium

By John C. Martin, University of Illinois Springfield Henry R. Barber Research Observatory

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